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I’ve got a swell guy. He comes home at 1am drunk and snores so loud I have to move to the couch. A real prince charming.

I’ll just sit here and suffer and mull over every single thing I can’t control because I am the worst. That’s all.

I would love nothing more than to be alone with a bottle of wine right now.

I am fighting everyday not to love him, not to lose myself.

this sounds really cliche

If my desire for you could feed the world mouths would be fed, fish would swim rather than become extinct and trees would continue to grow…if my desire for you actually mattered, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t. The hungry will die, the fish will be hunted, the trees will be cut down, and I will simply implode with my desire for you.

Holy shit

Almost exactly two years ago I wrote this: “I wish I had been more careful with the people I let into my life, because those people have never left me. Even after months, years. I’ll always have little reminders of them. Like an old scar or a limb that’s been removed but I can still feel. Some people just continue to haunt us for the rest of our lives. I wish I could choose my ghosts.”

Evidently my life doesn’t change. Cycles are just repeated. This must be my version of “Spring cleaning.”

Opportunity knocks, and I promptly run away.

Things I Am Reading Into Way Too Much


I know I have a problem when a substantial amount of my happiness depends on if/when I will ever see him again.


As kids we called it hide and seek. As adults we call it dating.

Slow Saturday, too much time for me to think of a certain redhead who hasn’t called and my own lack of initiative. Can’t I just quit this game?

The fucked up thing is that I still believe it’s my loss, not his.

Summer is over. Winter has returned. I’ve dried up.


Opportunity is a funny word,

like love,

a word that can be manipulated,


re-defined through time and

wielded from one’s mouth,

like a double edged sword.

I struggle with what I should and should not reveal online and in my writing, which is why I have chosen to keep this tumblr annonymous.

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